The social life and sound patterns of Nanti ways of speaking

Christine Beier

Last updated: April 24, 2010

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  • Data examples for Chapter 5: Matter-of-fact talk

    Chapter 5, Example 1: beier2010ch5ex1.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 2: beier2010ch5ex2.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 3: beier2010ch5ex3.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 3, Line (l): beier2010ch5ex3lineL.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 4: beier2010ch5ex4.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 4, Line (d): beier2010ch5ex4lineD.mp3

  • Data examples for Chapter 6: Scolding talk

    Chapter 6, Example 1: beier2010ch6ex1.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 1, matter-of-fact talk utterance: beier2010ch6ex1mft.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 1, scolding talk utterance: beier2010ch6ex1st.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 2: beier2010ch6ex2.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 3: beier2010ch6ex3.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 4: beier2010ch6ex4.mp3

    Chapter 6, Example 5: beier2010ch6ex5.mp3

  • Data examples for Chapter 7: Hunting talk

    Chapter 7, Example 1: beier2010ch7ex1.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 2: beier2010ch7ex2.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 2, line (l): beier2010ch7ex2.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 3: beier2010ch7ex3.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 3, line (e): beier2010ch7ex3lineE.mp3

    Chapter 5, Example 3, line (l), repeated: beier2010ch5ex3lineL.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 4: beier2010ch7ex4.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 4, line (g): beier2010ch7ex4lineG.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 5: beier2010ch7ex5.mp3

    Chapter 7, Example 5 line (l): beier2010ch7ex5lineL.mp3